Saturday, November 15, 2008

C S Lewis

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Kingship in the Work of the Inklings
Filipino Order of Narnians

He loved Sohrab and Rustum by Matthew Arnold after a passage from Ferdowzi's Epic of Kings, the Iliad by Homer and knew Plato's Timaeus quite well, being familiar with the Greek language of the originals: he refused to consider G K Chesterton superficial but regarded Belloc as a bad influence on him. In particular he found The Ballad of the White Horse a valid presentation of military hope against hope.

Sparknotes on Narnia Series:

The Lion, the Witch & the Wardrobe

All other Narnia books, so far, missing from spark notes. So is the Space Trilogy. So are The Screwtape Letters. Till We Have Faces - ditto. The Great Divorce, The Pilgrim's Regress - need I bother to look?

Old Solar, Surnibur, language of Pfifltriggi

Speaking of Narnia and Arkenland - did you know that one hero was named for an Amerindian tribe? Shasta gives his/their version of flood. - the function that automatically scrolls down to Shasta version is right now off, but enjoy the others!

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