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Language adjectives/nouns in in(wa) not saved in time ...

And the most moving story of the little boy with tubercular peritonitis who had not been healed, and was taken sadly away in the train by his parents, practically dying with two nurses attending him. As the train moved away it passed within the sight of the Grotto. The little boy sat up. "I want to go and talk to the little girl" - in the same train there was a girl who had been healed. And he got up and played with the little girl; and then he came back, and he said "I'm hungry now". And they gave him cake and two bowls of chocolate and enormous potted meat sandwiches, and he ate them! (This was in 1927). So Our Lord told them to give the little daughter of Jairus something to eat. So plain and matter of fact: for so miracles are.

from his letter 89
Letters, pp 99 - 100